Breaking The Stronghold Of Limited Beliefs System

Breaking the stronghold of Limatation

For most of my life, I’ve lived with the stronghold of the limited beliefs systems. Living with a limited mindset made me perform below capacity and prevented me from living up to my fullest potential because of the low standards that I set for my life.

The limited mindset belief system

Whenever things got challenging, I would give up and no longer pursue them. So I never threw my whole self at anything. Sometimes I wouldn’t even attempt the task because I knew I would fail at it anyway, “so why bother to try.” Everything in life was just too difficult to accomplish in my book. So I’ve always thought that other people were fighting against me. Or it was the will of God for me not to be able to accomplish or do certain things.

The self- judgmental limited beliefs

I inflicted self-judgment negative thoughts on myself by believing that. Therefore, I was not qualified to live in specific neighborhoods. “They will never like, accept, or give me a chance because I didn’t have the right background, qualification, or education. So I would see my life as inferior to other people’s life. So, I never evolved beyond the measure that I set. I then resorted to the wishing-well- lifestyle.

 The wishing-well limited mindset

I wished for a better life. That I was as brilliant as other people or would have the same opportunity they have, I thought God had put something special inside of them, and I was short-changed in the creation department of brilliantness. Wishing I had more confidence, joy, was happier, I was more talented and successful. Wishing I would wake up in a better mode, have more energy, be more productive in my day, or make better choices in my life.

The wishing-well-life “Is getting up every day wishing, hoping, and praying that things will change and get better.” and doing nothing to change the situation. So, I got up every day, setting myself up to living this disastrous limited beliefs system lifestyle.

“But then finally, I got sick and tired of living with this limited mindset belief system and thought that there got to be another way of living life instead, of sitting around and wasting my life away.” So then I started seeking help, asking questions, and for clarification.”

Breaking the stronghold of my limiting Belief system, I started.

Asking for help:

I finally sought help from mentorship, training, and research on relinquishing this limited belief mindset thinking. I then started to push myself out of my comfort zone by setting small goals to achieve the thing to get me toward the accomplishment that I’m seeking, pushing past discomfort to meet my goals, learning new things, and embracing challenges. I picked up successful habits from role models and learned from the failures in my life. Ask me what could I have done differently so that I don’t repeat these mistakes? What are some lessons  I’ve learned from having the stronghold of these limitations on my life? Yes, I celebrated my small achievements along the way by rewarding myself and recognizing my hard work to overcome these limited thoughts.  How I Transformed My Life

In conclusion

A limited mindset belief system can be broken off of anyone’s life. Every day you live with the limited or fixed mindset belief system. You’re delaying your destiny and purpose in this life. It is also preventing and derailing you from getting to your expected places. If you’re to fulfill your purpose and live a wholesome and fulfilled life, you’ve got to break these limitations. 

Ways to break the limiting mindset belief system:

Leave your comfort zone: Step into the unknown and unfamiliar communicate with people who are more advanced than you, make it a priority to learn something new every day.

Believe in yourself: Start by setting small goals; stay consistent; when you accomplish a goal, your self-confidence will grow. And it will help you to believe that you can do anything that you condition your mind to do.

Avoid blaming your shortcomings, situations, or circumstances: Blame doesn’t fix anything; instead, take ownership and hold yourself accountable for fixing, improving in those areas, and transforming your thinking.

Breaking limitations is a lifestyle, a spirit that we carry, one limitation after another. We have to get out of our comfort zones and decide to grow, especially in our spiritual life continuously. We are not meant to keep on going around in the wilderness. We have to put our hearts in the hands of God for us to break limitations.


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