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Virtual Classes

Cardio Strength –If you are looking for a full-body strength training class, this is it! Various types of equipment will be used, in addition to body-weight exercises. Modifications are available for all workouts, so all fitness levels are welcome beginners, intermediate, or advanced are welcome!

This class aims to improve cardiovascular health, Muscular Strength, and endurance by performing cardio and strength exercises. These classes utilize various equipment to help keep your fitness routine fun and fresh.

This workout includes athletic drills, which may be done in a station/circuit format: Tabata, a series of 20 or 30 seconds of work. Various types of equipment may be used, including TRX straps, dumbbells, Exercise balls, medicine balls, etc.

This class will also increase your core strength while incorporating balance moves and stretches. It is the perfect way to improve overall flexibility and core strength. 

Need to work out consistently; no problem, choose this package instead.

Monthly Unlimited Classes


Sunday 5 P.M. Virtual Cardio Strength

$7.00 per class

Monday 9 A.M. Virtual Cardio Strength

$7.00 per class

Tuesday 7 A.M. Virtual Cardio Strength

$7.00 per class

Thursday 6 P.M. Virtual Cardio Strength

$7.00 per class

Cardio Dance

The workout consists of several bodyweight exercises and upbeat music from different genres.

HITT/  modification for all workout

Fitness level:




You are alternating between a 30-second block of workout and 5-10 seconds of a dance move of your choice.

Saturday 9 A.M. Virtual Cardio Dance

$7.00 per class

In-person Workout Classes Coming Soon

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