Looking for a Transformation Coach who will push, motivate, and support you along your transformation journey, Who has the heart to see you reach your greatest potential, encourage, help you set attainable goals, and help you attain your Physical, health, and nutritional goals.

Get you out of your comfort zone, identify old patterns that are holding you back from your breakthrough, and hold you accountable to produce a barely recognizable life.

To improve your health, get fit, gain confidence. Fit better in your clothes, Shed stubborn body fat, gain confidence, feel great, and learn self-mastery skills so that nothing can stand in your way.

To become unstoppable, unshakable, and undefeated.

I’m that Coach.

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Physical Fitness

Meet Your Transformation Coach

Hello, My name is Chevette I’m your Health and Wellness Transformation Life Coach. I’m glad that you’re here. And I hope that you’ve come to be a part of our community.

With my experience, expertise and training I can coach you to a barely recognizable life.

Fitness, and Life Coaching is my passion and purpose. Because It brings me great joy, satisfaction, and pleasure to help others get out of their comfort zone, get unstuck in the area that’s causing them to be unsatisfied with their life. And to experience their very own transformational breakthrough. So that they can become unstoppable, undefeated, and unshakable.

So after training for 20+ years but religiously training for the past 11 years, five days per week anywhere from 2-3 hours per training day. I’ve always struggled with losing weight  I’ve tried numerous fad diets, cutting out carbs, nutritional fasting, drinking more water, eating salads, and numerous diet pills. Sometimes I managed to lose a few pounds here and there but my weight loss was not sustainable. 

So right after COVID-19 hit us I started out training with whatever workout equipment that I could’ve gotten my hands on. I would workout on our deck, in our driveway and sometimes I would go our local parks.

Transforming My Nutrition

I’ve always struggled with my portion sizes, most of the time I would end up going back for seconds without even finishing what’s on my plate. So, therefore this would result in overeating, me going over my daily caloric intake.

So after training by myself for about a year into COVID-19. I got sick and tired of putting in all the work and keep plateauing in my weight. So I started on my nutritional transformation journey and discovered that not only what I eat, but my portion sizes, planning my meal ahead of time, and adjusting my macronutrients would be beneficial and aid to my weight loss transformation. So I started to incorporate this lifestyle change into my daily life. So that my body can produce the desirable breakthrough results that I desired.

 5 steps to Physical fitness, Nutrition, And Health Transformation to have a successful Transformation.

Transforming My Health

 I would be out of breath just by going up a few steps. I would have to stop in the middle just to catch my Breath. My bad Cholesterol was out of range.

Now I’m able to run up and down a flight of steps without being easily tired and out of breath.

My cholesterol is now back in range.

Getting Certified

August 2021 I attended Udemy studied and received  my Transformation Life Coaching , and Health and Nutrition Certification from Transformation Academy.

Physical Fitness from CPD.

So From day one I’m committed to being with you each step of your transformational journey. I’ll used my training, experience and expertise to get you to your desirable breakthrough results.

Connections Paradise
Fitness Coaching plan

core strength training
Strengthening and Tone
High Intensity Interval Training (HITT)
Improving Flexibility




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Three Fitness Quotes



“Fitness is not about better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” 



“Motivation is what gets you started lifestyle change is what keeps you going.”



“It hurts now, but one day it will be your warmup.”

Total Body

Looking for a total body workout these moves are a burner. 

Muscles worked





Training Upper Body

Strengthening Core Muscles

Improving Flexibility

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