Transforming lives

To connect with others through my story.

To see people’s lives transformed, healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually through my transformation program.

To help others create a barely unrecognizable life.

To help others become unstoppable, undefeated, and unshakable in their lives.

To get others to believe in themselves and know that we were all created with greatness on the inside of us.

Giving Back Through

Donating to and supporting organizations to help ensure that children in need get a better education.

Creating and funding scholarship foundations to inspire breakthroughs and achieve lasting transformation changes in children’s lives. And sponsorship to children in need.

Mentoring, coaching, and volunteering my time in my community.

'Connections Paradise was formed on the belief that Paradise is achievable for anyone. And it's not subjected to a place or circumstances but a state of mind."

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