-Connection Paradise Breakthrough Transformation Life Coaching is designed to help you bring about necessary transformative, lasting changes by helping you to identify and break through self-destructive, self-defeating, negative, and limiting thought processes that are holding you back and causing you to be stuck and unsatisfied with your life. 
I will get you to get “UNSTUCK in the areas where you need directions.
To create a barely recognizable life. To become unstoppable, undefeated, and unshakable. So that no obstacle can stand in your way!


Ready to create a barely recognizable life? Start your transformation journey today; let's connect!

I will help you dream big and stretch your horizons to create a compelling vision for your life and help you to chart the course to get there.

Help you transform from a limited mindset to a growth mindset.

Hold you accountable to yourself by holding you to higher expectations and standards and reminding you of why you’re doing it all.

Challenges you and hold you to a higher standard.

Help you find meaning even in your life’s challenges and give your pain a purpose.

 Help you to master your mindset for success.

Help when you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or distracted by life’s uncertainties.

 A support system that you can depend on when people in your life are naysayers, haters, or don’t believe in your vision.

Show you proven strategies for overcoming your sabotaging beliefs.

No matter what area of your life you want to improve or transform, working with me ensures you don’t have to do it alone anymore, follow through on your goals, and ultimately fulfill your greatest potential.

Top Three Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is Connections Paradise Transformation Breakthrough Life Coaching right for me?

  • Do you feel lost?

  • Are you sick and tired of your life like I was?

  • Is your life spiraling out of control?

  • Have you tried to figure things out independently but have been unsuccessful?

  • You need help to identify the blockage that’s holding you back.

  • Past regrets, failures, fear of change, hurt, negative self-talk, and self-blame holding you back.

  • You’re afraid to take action.

  • You can’t seem to focus.

  • You need a clear sense of direction.

What to expect from Connections Paradise Transformation Breakthrough Life Coaching Program?

  • Step one fill out my complimentary life coaching form.

  • Step two set up a  20-minute phone/zoom session to develop a common ground and to see how I can meet your needs.

  • Step three is after a common ground is established.

  • Step four, we will go ahead a schedule our first sessions.

  • The unwiring of an old limiting mindset to unlock your fullest potential.

  • Guide you through the process of creating lasting transformational changes.

  • Empower you to write the chapter of your own story.

  • Gain absolute clarity about what you want out of life.

  • Help guide you into your ideal life and your most authentic self.

  • Help you overcome the fear of failure, change, and rejection.

How can I benefit From Connections Paradise Transformation Breakthrough Life Coaching Program ? I Will help you.

  •  Uproot negative and limiting belief systems and develop a Growth mindset.

  • Learn self-mastery skills.

  • Identify the blockage that’s holding you back.

  •  To become unstoppable, unshakable, and undefeated so that no obstacle can stand in your way.

  • To create a barely recognizable life.

  • Get rid of a limiting mindset and develop a growth mindset.

  • Write the chapter of your story.

  • Gain self-confidence to go after your dreams.

  • Gain a clear sense of direction in your life.
  • Practice positive self-talk and self-love.

  • Overcome blame, past regrets, and failure.

  • Celebrate your wins along the way.

  • I will be with you at each step of your transformation journey.


Yes, I’m ready to start my transformation journey to bring about the necessary transformational changes to unleash my greatest potential and to live the fantastic, fulfilled life I can’t stop dreaming about.   To become unstoppable, undefeated, and unstoppable.


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Our Transformation Life Coaching Services​

6 Week Coaching


45-Minute Coaching Session


45-Minute Coaching Session For Returning Clients


The Wheel Of Life: Identifying What Areas Need Your Attention


Am I generally fit and well? Do I eat healthy? Do I exercise regularly?

Physical Environment

Do I like the area in which I live? Is home comfortable, tidy, and warm? Is my office conducive to productivity?

Personal Growth

Am I continually learning new things? Do I enjoy new opportunities for growth? Am I growing from the things that I do as a person?


Do I have/want a good relationship? Do we share values and intimacy? Am I nurturing the relationship and giving it the attention it needs?

Fun And Recreation

Do I have fun often? Do I know how to relax? Do I enjoy sports or have hobbies or take time for myself?


Is my business rewarding? Does it reflect my values? Do I feel balanced, in control, and happy with my time, responsibilities, etc.?


Do I earn enough through my business? Am I happy with how I spend it? Am I on a path to financial freedom?

Friends And Family

Do I have/want a close circle of friends? Do I spend enough time with family and friends? Do I value the relationship we have with each other?

Let's find out what area needs your attention click below

So when it comes to change, we all fear change but change can be rewarding. However, sometimes it is also inevitable, So which one of these four reasons are driving you to change?

Click on the link below to see what's driving you to make changes in your life.

The Six Core Human Needs

The six humans need are a powerful psychological framework created by therapist Cloe  Madanes. These core needs are at the root of our motivation and why we prioritize certain decisions and actions, often without our awareness. Each person values one or more of these needs more than the other. Which need is your primary driver is a huge determining factor for how you live your life.


At our core, we want to feel that we control our reality. This feeling gives us security. This allows us to feel comfortable in our life to feel that we can avoid pain and create; measure. This is just a survival mechanism that we have certainty makes us feel safe.


Think about it what would happen if you always knew everything that would happen to you? Uncertainty bring excitement to your life and spice to life. The level of uncertainty that you are willing and able to live with is also a skill that can be developed as you become more confident that you deal with change.


Think about it; we all want to feel like we are special. We want to feel like we are important, needed, and unique. There are a variety of ways that we can get significance. For example, you can get it by feeling like you are the best at something, by making a lot of money, having the best house. People will go the great lengths to feel significant in their life.

Love & Connections

Whether we realize it or not, love is that thing that we need more than anything. When we love 100%, we feel alive, and it is a powerful force. For love, many people are willing to do extortionary things for others, whether it's the love that a parent has for a child or the love of a romantic relationship. However, if we don't feel like we can get love, we settle for connections.


If you're not growing in an area of your life, then that area is dying. This can be your relationship, your business, or an aspect of your personal life. If you are not growing, then it doesn't matter what you are creating in your exterior world. That need for certainty can hold you back from growth, leading you to feel empty and not be able to feel true fulfillment. growth can be scary because it can have uncertainty for some, but it brings fulfillment.


Contribution is like a higher level of need for significance, the difference being that it's no; longer about you. Life is no longer about you. It's about us. We are social creatures, and we find that is to contribute to others. In fact, the feeling that we are contributing to others can help us overcome the biggest changes if we think it has a purpose. Life, therefore, is about creating meaning, and that comes from giving.

Click below to learn how to meet these needs in a more constructive way.

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