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My name is Chevette, and I’m your certified transformation Life Coach. Every since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always known that I have a deep passion for helping others. But unfortunately, I don’t like to see others suffer from self-inflicted emotional issues.

So after my very own transformational breakthrough of numerous self-inflicted emotional pain, including guilt, shame, depression, lack of self-confidence, self-doubt, uncertainty, people-pleasing, anxiety, loss of hope, lack of purpose, and social anxiety, check out my blogs. I’ve decided to create a community, Connection Paradise, where I can Coach, teach, support, and build a connection with you to experience your Transformation to create an unstoppable life for yourself and make a positive contribution to this world.

What is a Transformation Life Coach?

a Transformation Life Coach is not a counselor or a Therapist. Instead, a Transformation Life Coach helps you bring about necessary changes in the areas that you lack directions. by allowing you to break through old patterns and old habits that are causing you to feel stuck to create lasting change.

What is the focus of a Transformation Life Coach?

The focus of life coaching is one of the main things that distinguishes it from therapy. Life coaches identify and describe current problematic behaviors so that the client can modify them. Therapists analyze their client’s past as a tool for understanding present behaviors. In other words, therapists focus on “why” specific behavioral patterns occur, and coaches work on “how” to work toward a goal.

What is the goal of a Transformation life coach?

The goal of a Transformation Life Coach is to help you get “unstuck. Life coaching is about action and results. Life coaches measure their client’s success with key performance indicators and specific behavioral outcomes. Then, they’ll help you set SMART goals, provide accountability and celebrate your wins – all on the road to achieving your dreams.

Life coaching sessions are more structured and focused on actionable strategies and visible growth.


Top Three Most Asked Questions

Do I need a Transformation Life Coach?

  • Do you feel lost?
  • Is your life spiraling out of control?
  • Have you tried to figure things out and keep ending back up in the same place where you started?
  • You’re letting fear hold you back.
  • You think you’re not good enough.
  • You’re afraid to take action.
  • You can’t seem to focus.
  • You need a clear sense of direction.

What to expect?

  • Unwiring mindset to unlock your fullest potential.
  • Guide you through the process to a greater purpose.
  • Empower you to write the chapter of your own story.
  • Gain absolute clarity about what you want out of life.
  • Help guide you into your ideal life and your most authentic self
  • Help you overcome the fear of change and rejection.

How can I benefit From A Transformation Life Coach ?

  • Help you uproot negative and limiting belief systems to discover your true purpose in life.
  • Help you to get unstuck.
  • Identify the blockage that holds you back and help you to become unstoppable.
  • Get rid of limiting mindset and develop a growth mindset
  • Empower you to your full purpose.
  • Gain self-mastery skills to provide lasting change.

Coaching Package

Length: 6 weeks
Once per week for one hour.

Three Phases:

Phase one Identification: Identifies the blockage that’s holding you back.
Phase Two Uprooting: Uproot old patterns and habits. Relinquishing old belief system of the way that you see yourself.
Phase Three Replanting: Create lasting changes from the inside. 



Ready to bring about necessary change to unleash your most significant potential. To meet the best Version of yourself?

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