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Welcome to Connections Paradise

I’m so excited that you’re here. I hope you’ve come to be a part of our community.

After my transformational journey, I’ve decided to create a community, Connections Paradise, to help you with your transformational journey to experience your unique transformation and to create a barely recognizable life.

Not sure about your true God-given purpose for your life, or what is your true calling? Are you stuck on an emotional roller coaster? Are you living to please everyone else and not yourself, and it’s causing you pain, unhappiness, and it’s killing your joy? Are you living with self-doubt, guilt, self-blame, or blaming others, unforgiveness, and shame? Trust me; I’ve been here.

Let’ embark on this journey together.

I’m your Certified Transformation Life Coach, and I’m committed to being with you each step of the way on your transformation journey. Whether if it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, let’s get on this journey together.

To create a healthier, wealthier, purpose-focused, passion-driven, fulfilled, and more impactful life. A Transformation life is achievable for everyone and not just for some of us.

You’re loved here.
You’re welcome here.
Prosperity. Overflow. Increase

Chevette Lindsay Lewis

Start your Transformation Life Coaching journey with your Coach Chevette.

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-Transformation Life Coaching services

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Connections Paradise Boot camp

What our community members are saying.

Girl, I was so sore the next day. I can't wait to do this again.


I love your workout style, especially your modification.


This is good; I'm so proud of you. Keep going.


"Get ready, set go! Define your own fitness goals and change your life."

Coming soon

Connections Paradise group fitness virtual and In-person workout classes.

Connections Paradise In-person classes will be held at Connections Paradise Workout Studio.

Transformation Coaching One-On-One session

Hello dear, how are you? What’s that one thing that gives you a (high in a positive way)?

That you do with little to no effort.

That’s stirring your soul and makes you come alive on the inside. And you look forward to doing it every day.

Something that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

Yes, dear, we all have that one thing or things that make us come alive on our inside when we do it. Sometimes we lose track of time when we’re doing it because we enjoyed it so much.

You see, dear, the sad part is not many people will experience this joy and fulfillment.

Are you ready to discover your true gift? Then stay tuned for my Transformational Life Coaching one-on-one sessions.

My Physical Transformation

June 2020

October 2021


Be The Solution:

Be the light that always shines in the dark.

Be that person who breaks the cycle.

Be that person who touches many lives.

Be that person who is always present.

Be that person who shows up in every situation.

Be patient progress takes time.

Be that trustworthy person.

Be the change that the world needs.

Be consistent, do your part.


Top Five Ways To Breaking Limitations:

• Believing that you were born for greatness.

• Stretching to reach your greatest potential.

• Leave your comfort zone.

• Know your value and self-worth.

•Learn something new everyday.

6 Ways To Become Undefeated.

Meditate on God’s word.

Forgetting the things that lie behind and press forward.

Transform your thinking.

Meditate on positive thoughts.

Developing the determination to thrive.

Be courageous.

6 Ways To Become Unstoppable

Focus on your strength, not your weakness.

Be grounded in your vision.

Plan ahead.

Shift your focus.

Set goals and focus on them.

Remove mental barriers.

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