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Are you looking to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition and gain clarity and direction in your life?Then my program is for you! Meet Chevette, your Health and Wellness Transformation Life Coach.

Here, you will discover a community that provides support, inspiration, guidance, and empowerment on your transformation journey.

I am confident that together, I can make your health and wellness life coaching transformation journey successful.

 Not only will Chevette offer you the assistance you need, but she will also listen to your story and offer guidance and support.

Connect with our  Connections Paradise community today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

Would you like to share your transformation story? I would love to hear from you. Please click on the  link to share your story: CONTACT US

As the founder, creator, and owner of Connections Paradise, I am passionate about guiding you toward a better way of living. With over two decades of experience in the Health and Wellness industry, I have created this platform to help you become unstoppable, undefeated, and unshakable so that nothing can stand in your way.

Connections Paradise offers a safe space to gain clarity and direction, shred stubborn body fat to achieve sustainable fat loss for life and create a barely recognizable life.

My transformational breakthrough journey has inspired this platform, which allows me to share my success story and connect with you to help you achieve your own transformational goals. Read my story. HOW I GOT HERE

I am confident that my expertise and guidance can help you take control of your life and create the life you deserve.

Don’t let obstacles hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards health and well-being, and let Connections Paradise be your guide you.

Let’s connect today and start your transformational journey toward a healthier and happier you!

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Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your life? It’s time to take control and make positive transformative changes with Connections Paradise health and wellness transformation coaching. With our program, you can experience a range of breakthroughs, including.


  • Improved health and wellness lifestyle
  • Transformed self-confidence.
  • Fit back in your old clothes.
  • healthy relationship with food.
  • Say goodbye to stubborn body fat and hello to a fitter, healthier and happier you.
  • Shred stubborn body fat and gain muscles.
  • Sustainable fat loss.
  • Saying goodbye to yo-yo dieting.
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Break through old patterns and habits that are holding you back.
  • Unleashing your fullest potential and becoming the best version of yourself.
  • Creating a barely recognizable life filled with purpose, joy, and success.
  • Becoming unstoppable, unshakable, and undefeated so that no obstacle can stand in your way.

The time to start your transformation journey is right now. As your coach, I’ll guide you towards a happier, more fulfilling, transformative life.

Let’s Connect!


What do you like about Connections Paradise?

 “Connections Paradise create a safe space where I can be myself.”

Karlene Kerr member since 5/2023

Louranda's testimonial: she is celebrating one year of consistency and dedication to her health and wellness journey at Connections Paradise.

 “Connections Paradise changed my life .”

Louranda Shepard member since 2/2023

Connections Paradise transformation services Service

Physical Fitness Transformation

In-Person Group Coaching

Join Our Thriving Connections Paradise Community

Here are just a few reasons why you should become a part of our local community in Gwinnett County and surrounding cities:

Enjoy small class sizes with personalized attention.

Our training programs cater to all fitness levels.

Immerse yourself in a warm, family-like atmosphere.

Get the support you need from other members of our community.

Our workouts are designed to challenge and transform you while also helping you shed stubborn body fat.

Stay motivated throughout your workout with our experienced and caring trainers.

Our athletic drills keep things fun and engaging.

We use a variety of equipment, including TRX straps, dumbbells, exercise balls, medicine balls, and more.


One And One Coaching

Develop a comprehensive workout plan tailored to your fitness level.

Establish a support system that you can depend on to keep you accountable and motivated.

Receive help in setting SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Get nutritional guidance to complement your fitness journey.

Include resistance training to increase strength and build muscle.

Incorporate cardio exercises to improve endurance and enhance overall health.

Achieve your fitness goals by shedding stubborn body fat and gaining muscle mass.

6 Session minimum


Virtual Group Coaching

Are you Ready for the Ultimate virtual transformative group Workout?

Are you searching for a workout that will transform you? Look no further!

Our interactive live virtual workout includes a variety of equipment and body-weight exercises.

You’ll love the good vibes and positive energy that our workout provides.

You can participate from the location of your choice, and we offer modifications for every fitness level.

This is an effective routine that you won’t want to miss!

Health & Nutrition Transformation Coaching

1:1 6 Week Life Changing Health And Wellness Transformation Life Coaching

Is This You?

Struggling with maintaining weight loss like I was?
Sick and tired like I was Struggling to shred stubborn body fat?
Seeking long-term, health and wellness transformational change

Are you ready to say goodbye to?

Cutting Carbs
Unhealthy habits
Crash diets
Yo-yo dieting
Food deprivation
Extreme food restrictions
Instead, embark on a transformation journey to achieve lasting, sustainable fat loss results.

Then this program is for you.

What you will learn:

How to fuel your body with the right food for fat loss.
Correct meal-prepping techniques.
The key to finding your ideal daily caloric intake.
How to identify and remove triggers and cues to master your willpower.
Tools for overcoming setbacks, barriers, and roadblocks.
The tools for sustainable fat loss.
Healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.
How to hold yourself accountable for your daily nutritional caloric intake.
The framework of sustainable fat loss?
The proven strategies for sustainable fat  loss transformation in my coaching sessions.

Shred Stubborn Body Fat And Get In Shape! Start Today Take advantage of our special

 6-week Health And Nutrition Transformation Life Coaching

  • Weekly 30-minute checking meetings virtually or in person.
  • Weekly meal planning accountability.
  • Identifying and removing cues and triggers to master willpower.
  • Learn how to fuel your body with the right food for sustainable fat loss.

30-Day Membership

  • Unlimited workouts
  • Small class sizes offering personalized attention to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Experience a warm, family-like atmosphere.
  • Engage in our fun and dynamic athletic drills
Self-Led Nutrition Plan

Self-Led Nutrition Plan

Here are the details of what you will receive:


– Breakfast ideas

– Lunch ideas

– Snack ideas

– Dinner ideas

-calorie count  in various food products

– Advice on how to lose fat

– Guidance on refined carbs to avoid

– Source for Omega-3

– Explanation of what trans-fat is

– Information on healthy and unhealthy fats.

-What type of foods to avoid.


Transformation Life Coaching

Transform Your Life starting Today

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to create a barely recognizable life?

Are you ready to become unstoppable, undefeated, and unshakable so that no obstacle can stand in your way?

Then let’s connect:

Uproot negative and limiting belief systems

Develop a growth mindset
Identify and overcome obstacles
Gain a clear sense of direction in your life.

Build self-confidence.
Practice positive self-talk and self-love.
Celebrate your wins
Breakthrough old habits and patterns.

Throughout your journey, I’ll be there to guide you. Together, we can write the next chapter of your life’s story.

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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level and transform your life? Our comprehensive strength training workout is the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals! With various equipment, including TRX straps, Battle Rope, Resistance Bands, dumbbells, exercise balls, and medicine balls, our workout is designed to challenge and help you achieve your full potential.

Our classes offer modifications for all fitness levels, making them perfect for men, women, and children of all ages and abilities. You’ll improve your cardiovascular health, endurance, and muscular strength while enhancing your core strength, balance, and flexibility. Our workout is designed in a station/circuit format, including Tabata, a 20- or 30-second-of-work series, to keep things interesting and exciting.

At Connections Paradise, we believe that fitness should be fun and motivating. Our classes are full of positive energy and motivation to keep you going, and our members inspire and motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals. Don’t settle for a boring workout routine – start your journey to a better you today! Join our community of fitness enthusiasts who are transforming their lives and achieving their fitness goals with us. Are you ready to take the first step?


YESS! After years of struggling to lose weight, I am thrilled to announce that I have developed a highly successful health and wellness program that promotes sustainable fat loss.

Connections Paradise transformation picture fitness connections page

Over the years, I have experimented with various diets, including carb reduction, nutritional fasting, increasing water intake, salads, and even diet pills. While some of these methods initially showed promising results, they were always short-lived, and I would eventually regain the weight I had lost, plus more.

Do you recognize any of the following behaviors in yourself?

-Avoiding challenges for fear of failure.

-Speaking negatively about yourself.

-Engaging in self-sabotaging negative self-talk.

-Focusing on weaknesses instead of strengths.

-Blaming yourself and others for past failures and mistakes.

-Being overly self-critical.


-Feeling unworthy.

-Comparing yourself to others.

-Signs of Low Self-Confidence.

-Can’t seem to focus because things get overwhelming.


Jennifer Stewart

I genuinely enjoy each training session, and it helps to motivate me to take better care of my health. And Chevette is an excellent life coach.

Marcia Hines

Connections Paradise is a great place to workout! Chevette is very professional and caring. She encourages us to work at our own pace- there is no competition. I am a retiree and I look forward to workout 4-5 times weekly with her. You truly feel connected. She is very passionate about helping others to live a healthy lifestyle with balance nutrition and exercise. I can attest to this. The result is phenomenal.

Kateisha Oladipo

I love the positive atmosphere and community during each workout session. Coach Chevette has an exercise for everyone regardless of their physical limitations, and no one is left behind. It's a workout that you ACTUALLY look forward going to. That's 80% of the battle solved! Never a dull session, ever! The nutritional coaching is very practical, which makes changing my nutritional habits easier. I love the holistic approach to fitness.
Katy Gilmore

What Our Community Members Are Saying

Karlene Kerr

Connections Paradise provides a place where I can be my authentic self. I love the community atmosphere, challenging myself, and the spiritual bond that we formed.

Carol Lopez

What is my coaching style like? Very easygoing, and she challenges us.

Lurondia Shepard

How likely are you to recommend Connections Paradise Health And Nutrition Transformation Coaching to others if asked on a scale of 1-10?. 10 Please tell us more about why you chose that number because Chevette has been working with me to reach my health goals through exercise and nutritional plans.
Katy Gilmore

Welcome Our Newest Member To Our Connection PARADISE-INSPIRED, Supporting, and Motivated Community.

Stacys's Story

I am excited to share some great news about our Connections Paradise community. As we continue to grow, I am thrilled to introduce our newest member, Stacy. Stacy has decided to embark on a health and wellness journey. Her “why” for starting this journey is because she is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” and wants to take charge of her well-being.

What motivates you to make changes in your health?

Stacy: Feeling sluggish all the time, not being able to fit into my clothes, and most importantly, not being around for my family, especially my 8-year-old, because of my poor health choices.

What motivates you in other areas of your life?

Stacy: “My family.”

What are the three most essential aspects of your life? (or your three most important goals), How would a healthy lifestyle complement or support these things?

Stacy: “My family, job, and peace of mind are essential aspects of my life. Without a healthy lifestyle, I will not be able to enjoy any of them.”

Stacy’s goals include dropping four dress sizes, shredding body fat, gaining muscle, having more energy, and, more importantly, being around for her 8-year-old son. It’s always heartwarming to see individuals take charge of their health and well-being by making healthy choices to change and transform their lives.

Our community is a supportive and encouraging space filled with like-minded individuals on a health and wellness transformation journey dedicated to helping one another achieve their wellness goals. Please join me in welcoming Stacy to Connections Paradise, and let’s continue to support each other as we aim for happier and healthier lives.

As your Health and Wellness Transformation Life Coach, Stacy, I am committed to being with you throughout your transformation journey. Welcome to Connections Paradise – it is a pleasure to have you!


Connections Paradise Welcome New Member Stacy
Welcome Stacy to our Connections Paradise Community
connections Paradise Photo Gallery picture

How I got Here!

I spent so long hiding behind self-doubt and the expectation of others. I would be so sick and mentally tired and drained for days with my life…..

Read my story

Five Ways To Become Undefeated

-Forgetting the things that lie behind and press forward.

-Transform your thought process.

-Meditate on positive thoughts.

-Developing the determination to thrive.

-Be courageous.

Five Ways To Become Unshakable

-Build a solid, firm emotional foundation.

-Believe in yourself.

-Not moved by circumstances.

-Developed a stable mindset.

-Mediate on God’s word every day.

Five Ways To Become Unstoppable

-Focus on your strength, not your weakness.

-Be grounded in your vision.

-Shift your focus.

-Set goals and focus on them.

-Remove mental barriers.

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