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After my transformational breakthrough, I wanted a unique platform to connect with you, share my experience, and help you with your transformational journey. So I created Connections Paradise. HOW I GOT HERE

I’m a Certified Fitness, Health & Nutrition Transformation Life Coach.

I have over 20+ years of experience in the industry.

For most of my life, or as far as I can remember, I have loved uplifting, motivating, encouraging, inspiring, and helping to guide others on the right path to finding answers to change their lives or solve their problems.

 So my mission is to help you on your transformational journey, to create a barely recognizable life. To become
Undefeated and
Unshakable so that no obstacle can stand in your way.

Ready to start your transformation journey to create a barely recognizable life? ABOUT US


You need a support system to motivate you to take action, help you navigate through uncertainty, encourage you, enable you to dream big and broaden your horizons to create a compelling vision for your life and help you chart the course to get there.

You’re ready to shred stubborn body fat and learn the framework of sustainable weight loss.

You’re sick and tired like I was and ready for a transformational breakthrough.



  • Develop a workout plan to fit your current fitness level.
  • A support system that you can depend on.
  • Help you set SMART goals.
  • Nutritional guidance.
  • Resistance Training.
  • Cardio Exercises.
  • Shred stubborn body fat and gained muscles.
  • Local Gwinnett County residents and surrounding cities be a part of our growing Connections Paradise Community.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Training for all fitness levels.
  • Warm family atmosphere.
  • Support from other community members.
  • Workouts that challenge you to become stronger.
  • Shred body fat.
  • Workouts that transforms you.
  • Motivation to get you through your workout.
  • Workouts include athletic drills.
  • Various types of equipment may be used, including TRX straps, dumbbells, exercise balls, medicine balls, etc.

  • If you want a full-body strength training workout, this is it! Various types of equipment will be used in addition to body-weight exercises.
  • Interactive live workouts.
  • Workout that transforms you.
  • Good positive vibes/ energy.
  • Workout from the location of your choice.
  • Modification for all workouts to fit your current fitness level.
  • Great and effective workout routine.

Are you struggling with maintaining weight loss like I was?

Are you struggling to shred stubborn body fat? Are you ready to learn the framework of sustainable weight loss? This program is for you.

You will learn the following:

  • How to fuel your body with the right food for fat loss.
  • Correct meal-prepping techniques.
  • The key to finding your ideal daily caloric intake.
  • How to identify and remove triggers and cues.
  • Tools for overcoming set back, barriers, and roadblocks.
  • How to master your willpower.
  • The tools for sustainable weight loss.
  • Healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.
  • How to hold yourself accountable for your daily nutritional intake.
  • Achieve lasting transformational changes.
  • Proven strategies for sustainable weight loss.
  • cross, x, red-39414.jpgNo starvation.
  • cross, x, red-39414.jpgNo fad diets.
  • cross, x, red-39414.jpgNo cutting carbs.
  • Fun training classes.
  • Uproot negative and limiting belief systems and develop a Growth mindset.

  • Learn self-mastery skills.

  • Identify the blockage that’s holding you back.

  •  To become unstoppable, unshakable, and undefeated so that no obstacle can stand in your way.

  • To create a barely recognizable life.

  • Get rid of a limiting mindset and develop a growth mindset.

  • Write the chapter of your story.

  • Gain self-confidence to go after your dreams.

  • Gain a clear sense of direction in your life.
  • Practice positive self-talk and self-love.

  • Overcome blame, past regrets, and failure.

  • Celebrate your wins along the way.

  • I will be with you at each step of your transformation journey.

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-Get fit.

-Improve your health.

-Lose stubborn body fat.

-Gain confidence.

-Fit better in your clothes.

-The time to start is now.


If you want a full-body strength training workout, this is it! Various types of equipment will be used in addition to body-weight exercises. Modifications are available for all workouts, so all fitness levels are welcome beginners, intermediate, or advanced.

All are welcome! Men, women, and children.

These workouts improve cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and endurance by performing cardio and strength exercises. These classes utilize various equipment to help keep your fitness routine fun and fresh.

These workouts include athletic drills, which may be done in a station/circuit format: Tabata, a series of 20 or 30 seconds of work. Various types of equipment may be used, including TRX straps, dumbbells, exercise balls, medicine balls, etc.

These workout moves will also increase your core strength while incorporating balance moves and stretches. It is the perfect way to improve overall flexibility and core strength. 

Good positive vibes/ energy.

Motivation to get you through your workout FUN.FUN.FUN. Who wants to do a boring workout, right?

Join other Connections Paradise members who will motivate you as well…

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Yess, after years and years of yo-yo dieting and coming up unsuccessful, I finally found a way to shred stubborn body fat and achieve sustainable weight loss.

So after training for 20+ years but religiously training for the past 11 years, five days per week anywhere from 2-3 hours per training day. I've always struggled with losing weight  I've tried numerous fad diets, cutting out carbs, nutritional fasting, drinking more water, eating salads, and numerous diet pills. Sometimes I managed to lose a few pounds here and there but my weight loss was not sustainable. 

Do you lack self-confidence?

Do you avoid challenges for fear of failing?

Do you say negative things about yourself?

Are you self-sabotaging yourself with your negative self-talk?

Do you focus on your weaknesses and not your strengths?

Do you consistently blame yourself and others for your mess-ups and past failures?

Do you beat yourself up over mistakes?

Do you procrastinate?

Do you ever feel that you’re not worthy?

Do you compare yourself to others?

What our community members are saying

Jennifer Stewart

I genuinely enjoy each training session, and it helps to motivate me to take better care of my health, and Chevette is an excellent life coach.

Marcia Hines

Connections Paradise is a great place to workout! Chevette is very professional and caring. She encourages us to work at our own pace- there is no competition. I am a retiree and I look forward to workout 4-5 times weekly with her. You truly feel connected. She is very passionate about helping others to live a healthy lifestyle with balance nutrition and exercise. I can attest to this. The result is phenomenal.

Lurondia Shepard
How likely are you to recommend Connections Paradise Health And Nutrition Transformation Coaching to others if asked on a scale of 1-10?. 10 Please tell us more about why you chose that number because Chevette has been working with me to reach my health goals through exercise and nutritional plans.
Katy Gilmore

Welcome Our Newest Member To Our Connection PARADISE-INSPIRED, Supporting, and Motivated Community.

Kateisha's Story

Connections Paradise online community our community keeps growing.
Please help me warmly welcome our newest Connections Paradise In-Person fit fam, Kateisha. Kateisha, Welcome to our Connections Paradise-inspired, supporting, and motivated community.

In August, Kateisha and I spoke, and her exact words were, “Sis, I will see you next month (in September). I’m starting my transformation journey on September 1st.

And on September 1st, Kateisha called and said I’m a woman of my word, sis. I’m ready to start. Where do I begin… Wow, those words speak volumes and excellence.

Kateisha signed up for our 6-week Health & Nutrition and Group Fitness Transformation Coaching.
So, in our first meeting, we set some SMART goals, and here are a few of them.

Kateisha’s fitness goal? Lose 50lbs, lose body fat, develop muscle tone motivation, and have fun.

Ideal dress size: 10

What’s her “WHY”? To be fit and gain my self-confidence back.

When asked what motivates you to want to make changes in your health?
Kateisha: “My children, I want to be active with them and be able to go on adventures with them. I want to be around to see my great-grandchildren”.

Kateshia, welcome again. We love you. Having you as part of our inspired and supporting community is a pleasure.
You’re a great fit to our community.

I am committed to being with you each step of your transformation journey.

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How I got Here!

I spent so long hiding behind self-doubt and the expectation of others. I would be so sick and mentally tired and drained for days with my life

Read my story

Five Ways To Become Undefeated

-Forgetting the things that lie behind and press forward.

-Transform your thought process.

-Meditate on positive thoughts.

-Developing the determination to thrive.

-Be courageous.

Four Ways To Become Unshakable

-Build a solid, firm emotional foundation.

-Believe in yourself.

-Not moved by circumstances.

-Developed a stable mindset.

-Mediate on God’s word every day.

Five Ways To Become Unstoppable

-Focus on your strength, not your weakness.

-Be grounded in your vision.

-Shift your focus.

-Set goals and focus on them.

-Remove mental barriers.

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