The Six Core Human Needs

The six humans need are a powerful psychological framework created by therapist Cloe  Madanes. These core needs are at the root of our motivation and why we prioritize certain decisions and actions, often without our awareness. Each person values one or more of these needs more than the other. Which need is your primary driver is a huge determining factor for how you live your life


At our core, we want to feel that we control our reality. This feeling gives us security. This allows us to feel comfortable in our life to feel that we can avoid pain and create; measure. This is just a survival mechanism that we have certainty makes us feel safe.


Think about it what would happen if you always knew everything that would happen to you? Uncertainty bring excitement to your life and spice to life. The level of uncertainty that you are willing and able to live with is also a skill that can be developed as you become more confident that you deal with change.


Think about it; we all want to feel like we are special. We want to feel like we are important, needed, and unique. There are a variety of ways that we can get significance. For example, you can get it by feeling like you are the best at something, by making a lot of money, having the best house. People will go the great lengths to feel significant in their life.

Love & Connections

Whether we realize it or not, love is that thing that we need more than anything. When we love 100%, we feel alive, and it is a powerful force. For love, many people are willing to do extortionary things for others, whether it's the love that a parent has for a child or the love of a romantic relationship. However, if we don't feel like we can get love, we settle for connections.


If you're not growing in an area of your life, then that area is dying. This can be your relationship, your business, or an aspect of your personal life. If you are not growing, then it doesn't matter what you are creating in your exterior world. That need for certainty can hold you back from growth, leading you to feel empty and not be able to feel true fulfillment. growth can be scary because it can have uncertainty for some, but it brings fulfillment.


Contribution is like a higher level of need for significance, the difference being that it's no; longer about you. Life is no longer about you. It's about us. We are social creatures, and we find that is to contribute to others. In fact, the feeling that we are contributing to others can help us overcome the biggest changes if we think it has a purpose. Life, therefore, is about creating meaning, and that comes from giving.

Constructive ways of meeting these needs


You can have certainty by having a daily routine or having a community around you that supports you no matter what's happening in your life.


You can meet the need of significance by using your talents and skills. You can also master a skill and share your skills with others.


You can meet the need for growth by constantly learning and, for example, reading new books, watching YouTube videos, following others that help you grow. You can also surround yourself with people that motivate you and challenge you to become a better person.


You can have variety by adding diverse experiences to your life. You can also try new things and learn new things.

Love & Connections

Meet this need by establishing life-long friendships spending more time with like-minded people, as well as improving your relationship skills.


You can meet this need of contribution by sharing your talents and passions with others. You can also engage in causes that are meaningful to you.

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