Why Is Accountability Important

Taking accountability for our actions, outcome, what we say, do, our lives choices, emotions, past, and current failures is not nasty or negative. On the contrary, it will build trust, make us more successful, productive and improve performance.

Accountability can also boost and increase our confidence achieve better results and outcomes.

Accountability is something that we have to work on. It starts with all of us and should be applied at all times.

Taking ownership is very important; it’s the willingness to accept and be accountable and admit when we make an error for our actions.

At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves -our success is a results of what we do.

Catherine Pulsifer

When we don’t take accountability, we’ll continue to see the same negative results, experience ineffectiveness in our performance, and low trust levels.

Ways to be accountable:

Discipline- Staying on track.

Integrity- Being honest and transparent.

Don’t blame or make excuses.

Always be ethical.

Show humility and apologize.

Not to justify our actions.

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