What is Forgiveness

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Forgiveness doesn’t mean we don’t remember the hurt, betrayal, abuse, etc., that we suffered. So please understand I’m not saying that forgiveness is forgetfulness.

Forgiveness merely releases anger, hurt, blame, bitterness, etc., against someone else. So you’re doing the releasing, and that’s why it’s not for the other person; it’s for you. Because it’s inside of you, you’re the one who is getting sick from this.


Forgiveness doesn’t mean letting us be close again. You’re just simply releasing that person of all wrongdoing against you. In some cases, you may think I can’t forgive. After all, I can never speak to that person ever again.

Forgiveness doesn’t always come easily. At times, it feels more painful to forgive the person who has wronged us. But there is no peace without forgiveness.


Self-forgiveness goes the same way; when we live with not forgiving ourselves, we’re inflicting pain on ourselves, which keeps us from moving forward.

So the quicker we forgive ourselves, the faster we can move forward and walk into a greater purpose; we’re all human, and we do make mistakes.

Living with unforgiveness is like drinking poison every day and waiting for someone else to die.

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