5 Steps To A Physical, Nutrition, And Health Transformation

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5 Steps To A Physical And Healthy Transformation

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✔Nutrition: proper nutrition: not dieting because diets don’t work. Reducing/cutting your refined sugar intake. Eat protein in most of your meals. Cutting back on alcohol. Snacking on fruits and vegetables more often.

I’ve tried many fad diets in the past including
Intermittent fasting, cutting carbs, juicing.. e.t.c.
And none of it has worked!

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✔Exercise & Activity: exercising at least 3-5 times per week. Including Cardio and strength training: one great benefit of strength training is while we lose weight we maintain muscle mass…
Start moving your body and find something that you enjoy that will keep you motivated!

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✔Mindset: Know you’re why! Remember why you started!! Remember why you’re doing it!! You’ll need to have a mindset shift to get you past procrastination. And your attitude toward achieving your transformation is the most important mental aspect!

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✔Lifestyle: You have to be willing to change your lifestyle… The transformation has to be something that you do! So how you choose to live your life is also part of your transformation you cannot expect to transform your body if you don’t change the way you live your life…

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✔Habits: You have to develop positive habits that will aid in your transformation.

For example: 👇🏽
Make your meals more at home… Instead of eating out…                                                            

 Be mindful of Overeating
Believing in yourself!
Be aware of negative self-talk!                      Planning and pre-portioning your meals ahead of time.

And I’m not saying that this is easy! But the process will be worth it… You’ll be fulfilling your “WHY” Which will bring you joy and happiness, make you more confident, fit better in your clothes, and improve your overall health…

🤔If this is you, you’ve tried this on your own and are not having any success.

Looking for a Transformation Coach to hold you accountable.
And remind you of your “WHY”

Let’s connect👎🏼

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