How To Make Affirmation Work For You

What is positive AFFIRMATION?

Affirmations are positive statements or quotes that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotage, negative thoughts, and negative beliefs about yourself. When you repeat them often and believe in them you can start to make positive changes.

How Positive affirmations works  

It sends the message to our brain that we’re taking the necessary steps to change and transform our belief system… By replacing negative limiting beliefs with positive and empowering beliefs about ourselves…

So as a Transformation Life Coach, I’m super super big on positive affirmations. Because the consistent use, of positive affirmation, does lead to positive changes in our lives and positive beliefs about ourselves.. 

Three Ways how I made affirmation work for me

The three ways that  I’ve used Affirmation during my transformation journey to help me transform from a negative belief system to a positive/empowering belief system about myself is…

1️ Visibility: I wrote my affirmations down and placed them where I could see them daily. 

2️ Consistency: I repeated them 3-4 times daily and make positive thoughts a part of my daily routine. 

3️ Personalized:  By replacing the I’m with my name…

Our Affirmations are powerful forces

There is power in our words. We are always affirming something about ourselves and what we believe about our capabilities.
This can be positive or negative. We can tell ourselves that we are:
Terrible at something.
That we can’t.
That it’s not possible.
That we’re not smart enough.
That we’re not good enough.
That we’ll never achieve anything.
So what happens we live to that reality because we tell our brain that’s our reality.
Why because our statements direct our FOCUS toward what we say and believe. Our brain tunes in our awareness stimuli in our environment that is a match for what we’re focused on. We are exposed to a million bits of information at any moment and we are only consciously aware of 2,000 of them. If we’re thinking negatively,  we’ll notice negative things. 
If we’re thinking positively, we’ll notice positive things.
So, therefore, our words also know that our affirmation is a powerful force and positive statements that, when consistently practiced, rewire our thoughts and beliefs.
If you have a negative belief (or common thought) that causes you to feel bad about yourself, you can replace it with an empowering, positive thought. Using the three ways that have proven to work for me, (Visibility, Consistency, and Personalization). Pay attention when the negative belief is triggered. Is it at pre determined times of the day, or circumstances, environment, or circle of individuals?  Practicing a new belief will become ingrained into your implicit, automatic, memory. Over time this thought becomes your reality and belief system.
Which negative beliefs have you changed into a  positive affirmation about yourself?
How have you used positive affirmation in the past to change your negative belief system?
Or, what are some positive Affirmations you have used to change and transform your life?

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