The Power Of Being Intentional

Be intentional about your day, time, the things you focus on, our spoken words, and why we do the things that we do. So be intentional about everything you do that way; you’re not just going through the motion of life. And I know life and things do happen, and sometimes distractions and unexpected circumstances get slipped through the crack. But the more we practice being intentional, the more second nature it will become. Our intentional muscles will grow. It’s like lifting weights; if we do it consistently, eventually, our muscles will grow and become stronger.

 Be intentional about your “WHY”

To learn our “WHY,” we must be intentional and know why we do things. Probably some parents, if not all, can relate to this. Whenever I question my children about certain things that they do, the answer that I get most if not all the time is “just because,” and we are standing there having a steering contest with each other. I’m waiting for an answer, and they’re giving me that look like I’m crazy just standing there.

“Just because is like your “WHY’

So lately, I’ve been using this quote a lot on my social media post.

So every time that I write a post. I reminded myself of my “WHY’ “WHY” I’m posting,” what message I’m trying to relay so that I can be more clear on my intention for posting. We have to know our “WHY” We can’t just get up and do something to do it. We have to have a clear and concise intention of why we’re doing something; when we learn our “why,” we’ll be more intentional in doing things, bringing us closer to our purpose as well.

Be intentional about your day:

Plan your day ahead of time know exactly what you’ll be doing throughout your day. Have a high intentional means of how to crush your day. Don’t leave your day up to chance. So to do this First set measurable goals and outcomes; second, chart a course to get you there. Third, have an action plan on how to achieve them. Fourth, Prioritize your goals. Stay away from distractions. 

Be intentional about what you focus on:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Compelling quote but so true; in other words, eventually, we will become what we meditate on. Grab hold of negative thoughts conditioned your mind to be more intentional of your thoughts. Focus more on the tasks that will get you closer to your goals, dreams, and vision. Eliminate all, limiting negative self-talk, roadblocks, I can’t, side note [The talk “I can’t is poison”], It cannot be done, or I’m not just good at it. Mediate only on the good things and only on all of your outstanding achievements. Think back on some of the obstacles that you’ve overcome.

Be intentional about your words:

Be intentional in conveying your words and message the way you would like it to be heard, not the opposite. Remember, you write your story with your words. So, believe it or not, we’re writing our story; use your words and tone to tell your story. Let your words be an example and a testimony of your life. So in many cases, certain things that we say cannot be unsaid. So be intentional speak life, self-love, and self-acceptance into your life and others. 

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