What Just 15 Minutes Of Workout Can Do For You

What just 15 minutes of workout can do for you

Just 15 minutes of workout can do more for our bodies than sitting down resting. So if you have 15 minutes to spare, do not sit and chill. Instead, a better statement would be; don’t leave your workout up to chance; make it a priority. The study says that just 15 minutes of light exercise or a brisk walk will leave us feeling more energetic than resting, which can also lift our spirits and make our thinking more practical.

A workout doesn’t have to be too long, and it’s the consistency we exercise. “Whether if we like it or not, it’s good for us.” There are countless articles expert studies to back up this claim. So it should not just be a lifestyle change but also a health decision.

The Benefit Of A 15 Minutes workout

Light exercise does more to boost cognitive function than relaxing for the same amount of time. And the reason appears to be that movement lifts mood and leaves us feeling more energized than doing nothing. A brief 15 minutes walk, jog, weight lifting, or cardio workout can improve our memory and thinking skills.

You can do this; I guarantee you will feel better, have better days, sleep, and improve your health. A few of the biggest things are making time, getting motivated, and being consistent with our workout.

Moderate exercise does not have to be a long jog, it could be a brisk walk to work or taking the stairs

Making time for our workout

Making time for our workout is crucial and should be at the forefront of our minds. Of course, there is no best time to work out; it should be your preference as long as you’re making your workout a priority. For example, I prefer to work out in the mornings; that way, I’m not thinking about working out in the evening after a long day. It also lessens distractions and keeps me more focused on my workout. But find the best time frame that fits your schedule and stick to it.

  • Maximize your time.
  • Mastering your mindset.
  • Keep your workout clothes handy at all times.
  • Schedule your workout.

Staying motivated with your workout

Changing up your workout routine adds a variety of moves to your workout. Ensure you include activities you genuinely enjoy and look forward to doing, and it can even make you forget you’re working out. Seek support from other people who are consistent with their workout.

  • Have fun.
  • Change your perspective.
  • Set goals.
  • Schedule a regular workout time.

Staying consistent with your workout

Consistency will become a habit; you’ll want to do it more once this becomes a habit. It takes 21-40 days to form a new habit. Start slow, then gradually advance in your workout as you become fitter. Start with a three-day-per-week routine, then move to a more challenging schedule. There are times even I don’t feel like exercising at all. But I suck it up and exercise anyway. Once exercising has become a habit, a lack of motivation won’t stop you. Skipping workouts can be a habit, too, so avoid the temptation.

  • Start Slow.
  • Be accountable.
  • Have a workout plan.
  • Set short-term goals.
  • Form small habits.

Suggestion For A light 15 Min Workout: 

These exercises can be performed for 30-45 seconds 2 times each.

March In Place


Lunge in place

Jump Rope

Stance Jack

Floor Switch Kicks


Ski Down

Here are a few Tips To Get Your Workout In:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, when possible.
  • Park far away in the parking lot at the shopping malls/plaza or grocery store. (That way, you’ll have to walk further, and this will also be great if you’re counting your steps).What 15 Minutes of workout can do for you
  • Take a short break from around your work computer during the day.
  • Walk/run circles around the field while your child/children practice for their favorite sporting activities.
  • Do Leg lifts while doing the dishes.

9 Benefits Of Exercise:

Live Longer:

Physical activity can reduce or prevent your risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and some cancers, cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases:

Regular exercise helps prevent or manage many health problems and concerns, including:

Improves mood:

A brisk 15-minute walk can help lift your mood from a stressful day at work. Need to blow off some steam physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may make you feel happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. Exercise can also boost our appearance and confidence and improve our self-esteem.

Promotes better sleep:

Exercise can help you get a deeper sleep, fall asleep quicker, and get a night of better sleep.

It puts the spark back into your sex life:

Regular exercise may improve your energy level, boost your sex life and make you more confident, making you feel less tired or too out of shape to enjoy physical intimacy. Being physically active may enhance arousal for women. Men who exercise regularly are less likely to have erectile dysfunction than men who don’t exercise.

Stay Young:

Exercise benefits the skin in many ways. It keeps your skin looking youthful, glowing, and improves elasticity. In addition, the sweat clears your skin of impurities dirt and opens up the pores allowing unrestricted airflow.

Boost Your Brainpower:

Exercise boosts our mental health and productivity. It also reduces stress hormones, builds resilience to stress, and strengthens our willpower.

Slows Aging:

Exercise naturally slows the aging process down because you’re more active and less stressed.

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