6 Key Morning Routines For Productivity

6 Mornings routine.

Most successfully, people get up out of bed very early in the morning. Mitchell Obama, Oprah, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ellevest CEO, and co-founder Sallie Krawcheck and the list goes on. “Unless we’re not feeling well, we should be up by 8 a.m.”. Waking up early in the morning is the only way for me to make sure that I have time for what matters most. Getting up early in the morning gives me a crucial time for creative productivity. The quiet time between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. is when I’m most productive. “It’s my time to read, think, and prepare for the day ahead.” I try hard to preserve that time.

Growing up in Jamaica, I couldn’t understand why they woke us up at the crack of dawn. On weekends, school days, or when we were on school vacation. After we all finished our chores, we’re allowed to go back to bed later on during school vacation days.

Now, as an adult, a tradition that I tried to make sense of as a child growing up. Now make sense; getting up early in the morning is crucial for productivity that should be at the forefront of our morning routine.


Get up out of bed, walk around, make sure you have a designated place in yourMornings routine for more productivity home for this. If you stay in bed, you’ll likely fall back asleep. I meditate on the word of God. You choose what you want to meditate on, but this is a great way to start your day. Please don’t leave this until bedtime because you’ll be too tired after a long day. I do this while drinking my morning cup of coffee (yum); of course, that gets me going. Mediate, when your mind is fresh early in the morning, sets the tone for your day. 


Early in the morning is the best time to catch up on some reading when your brain is fresh, ready, and relaxed. Hopefully, those happy hormones are floating around (endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine). morning routine readingI either read a book or watch a motivational video on YouTube. Learning is often useful for the same reason; it’s useful for meditation and exercise. It puts something you struggle to schedule first thing in your day, not to forget it.

Making your bed:

Yes, I said it; this little task can get you in a better mode. Our generation made Morning routine making your bedour beds a morning routine, but nowadays, many people skip out on this step as the culture has become looser. An advantage of this routine is that you put your mind in order by putting your house and appearance in order.      

Start your Day:

Mental rehearsal is a crucial strategy for success plan out your day, don’t just jot Morning routine planningdown some to-do items, but work on them. What will be the complications, what will you need to focus on, what time will you be working on each task? planning helps me a lot. “Y’all know I’m old-fashioned, right”smiling face Emoji? I still keep a significant paper monthly planner, Lsmiling face EmojiL. Creating a schedule will help you know what you need to focus on; creating a plan will also help you be more structured and productive; this has helped me a lot.


Suppose you’re having a hard time fitting exercise into your schedule. Early in the Morning routine Exercisemorning is the perfect time for you to get this in. The benefit of this is that it puts fitness in that all-important slot of your day. Especially if you’re struggling with staying on a regular exercise schedule, this can be an excellent way to prioritize. Exercise helps reduce stress, gives you an extra energy boost, increases mental clarity, and will jump-start your productivity.

Get to work:

The key to productivity is just doing the work. This routine underscores this by Mornng Routeinmaking getting some job done your priority. It shifts your productivity much earlier; this works because it’s not only maximizing your time. You finish much earlier in the day and can enjoy a less cluttered evening without the guilt that you’re slacking. 

The second benefit is that you get to take a break when you need it. Too many people take a rest before starting so that they can’t pause for fear of not having enough time to finish when they have to work.

In conclusion, we all get the same amount of time on any given day; that’s the one thing we all have in common what you choose to do with your time. It’s up to you. If you raised your standards, your life would change. You’ll find a way if you set high standards for success and achievements.


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