The Power Of Being Intentional

Be intentional about your day, time, the things you focus on, our spoken words, and why we do the things that we do. So be intentional about everything you do that way; you’re not just going through the motion of life. And I know life and things do happen, and sometimes distractions and unexpected circumstances

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The Importance Of Breaking Generational Cycles

Some traits passed down from our generational legacy are beautiful, e.g., our stunning looks, intellect, lovely personality, genuineness, kindness, generosity, self-sufficiency, etc. So what are generational cycles? They are negative patterns or traits. They are passed down from our family’s history to several generations until someone decided to break these vicious cycles. In earlier days,

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What just 15 minutes of workout can do for you
What Just 15 Minutes Of Workout Can Do For You

Just 15 minutes of workout can do more for our bodies than sitting down resting. So if you have 15 minutes to spare, do not sit and chill. Instead, a better statement would be; don’t leave your workout up to chance; make it a priority. The study says that just 15 minutes of light exercise

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6 Mornings routine.
6 Key Morning Routines For Productivity

Most successfully, people get up out of bed very early in the morning. Mitchell Obama, Oprah, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ellevest CEO, and co-founder Sallie Krawcheck and the list goes on. “Unless we’re not feeling well, we should be up by 8 a.m.”. Waking up early in the morning is the only way for me to make

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How I transformed My life
How I Transformed My Life

I started to allow God to manifest, work, and transform my life by spending time with him and meditating on his words through my daily devotions. I also worked very hard pushing myself out of my comfort zone to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life.  I started to transform

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Breaking the stronghold of Limatation
Breaking The Stronghold Of Limited Beliefs System

For most of my life, I’ve lived with the stronghold of the limited beliefs systems. Living with a limited mindset made me perform below capacity and prevented me from living up to my fullest potential because of the low standards that I set for my life. The limited mindset belief system Whenever things got challenging,

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My story: Living under the shadows
My Story: Living Under The Shadows

Many of you who are close to me have heard me say a lot. That “I wanted to start a blog but don’t know what to blog about.” Blogging has always been an intense passion of mine for over 5+ years now. Until a few months ago, the thought kept coming up in my head.

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The Consequences of Living with Blame

When we blame others, we give up the power to change and take on the victimized mentality. Lived with blaming for a long time made me feel inadequate, like a victim, bitter, angry, defeated, unsuccessful, and crushed. “My Story: Living Under the Shadows.” Are you blaming your parents, upbringing, current situations, neighborhood, and demographic location for your

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